Classes are held on Sundays from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. (Special activities will be held at St. Bonaventure Church throughout the year.)

Site Coordinators:

Terri Clarkson






Sheri Weber & Jessica McCracken

Kindergarten/ First Grade:

Karen Dunn & Tracie Grimm

Grade 2 (Reconciliation):

Becky Davis & Ellie Davis

Grade 3 (First Eucharist):

Ginger Wheeler & Doreen Hoover

Grade 4:

Joann Johnson & Debbie Palmer

Grade 5/6:

Doe Augustine & Rhonda Hamilton

Grade 7/8:

Amy Turner & Brian Spencer

Grade 9/10:

Becky Magnuson


Jennie Giuffre & C.J. Spencer

Adult Education Classes:

Mary Kay Reiter & Ella Mae Skebo

Working Together


Child Protection and Creating Safe Environments/ Online Safety Tips for Parents & Kids: Even the most trusted adults can’t always be trusted. Coaches, teachers and parents are authority figures children feel they can trust. Yet, a large percentage of those who sexually abuse children come from this group. These are adults who have the opportunity to “groom” children with affection and attention, making it difficult  for children to identify certain attention as abuse. And they know that children have been taught to “mind” them. Adults must be vigilant and trained to recognize “red flags” of predatory behavior. To see what the Diocese of Erie is doing to help create safe environments, check our     

Any positive comments are welcome to all our Relisious Education staff and catechists. Please email

Welcome to Our New School Year!


Please note:

The primary teachers of our children are their parents.  Parents rely heavily upon their local parish to provide good religious (spiritual) formation.  This will be the reality for our new approach of having one program serving both parishes.  Therefore, Religious Education home-schooling will not be permitted,  in order that our youth can participate more fully in the formation being offered.

Special Events & Activities


"IN THE SPIRIT" Adult Education Classes:  Everyone is welcome to attend!  Classes are held immediately following Sunday Mass, twice a month. at St. Timothy.  Facilitated by Mary Kay Reiter.      

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The Facebook page for our partnered parishes is a closed group site for the catechists and parents of our students.  Please visit Sts Bonaventure and Timothy Re Ed.